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The sculptures on display has been inspired by the patterns found sketched on the cave walls of the Zagross Mountain Chain in Lurestan, Iran.    Some of the patterns still exist. 

These patterns date back to over 8000 years ago.    One such sketch is that of a lion (title # 2).   It is said that this is the oldest sketch of a lion in the history of mankind.

All dimensions are in Inches & does not include the stone stand.

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Kudor I Liyan I Simash Khombaba Gilgamesh II
 Enbilua  Anshan Susiana Gilgamesh I Avan
 Griffon Kudor II 


Laodice Jefka 17 19 Mitra I Kassis Isis fortuna Parsumash
 Isis Fortuna  Isis Fortuna Isis Fortuna Mitra II